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Farida Shaikh Monday October 27, 2014
I received Mariyah's champagne/gold feather dress last evening. I absolutely loved it !!! It's gorgeous!

There's only 1 glitch. I didn't quite like the heart patch that was embroidered with the rosette's. You did put a pearl embellishment in the headpiece which would have worked wonders for the dress. That was the only flaw I found and since it was completely custom made, I was expecting the embellishments to match.

Apart from that, the dress is absolutely adorable. It looks vintage, chic and definitely has the WOW factor I was looking for !

Thanks and take care,
Farida Shaikh
From: United Arab Emirates
Eileen McClements Wednesday August 20, 2014
Thank you so much Stacey for your all your guys' hard work and perfection! I absolutely love the outfit! Thanks again and take care!
Katrina Ward Wednesday August 20, 2014
Hi Stacy
It has arrived!!!!!!
It is beautiful and today is her actual bday (party next week) so I can't wait to show her after she gets home from school today. She will love it!

Thanks so much. It was worth the wait and thanks again for always getting back to me. I will definitely order more in the future.

I will send a photo of her in it to you.
From: South Wales AUSTRALIA
Neva Wednesday August 20, 2014
I recently posted a review that is not for this store it's for My apology to Posh Birthday Sh bevause this is not the shop that imade purchase from.

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